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Microblading Eyebrow Tattoo

Microblading Featherstroke Eyebrow Tattoo

Feather stroking also known as microblading is a semi - permanent tattoo treatment which mimics natural and fine hairlines along the brow to achieve natural, fuller and sculpted looking glamorous eyebrows.

Feather stroking is a manual hand drawn process with natural strokes which means we have full control over the shape and thickness you would like to achieve. It's non invasive, takes no more than 2 hours with minimal to no downtime for healing. We personalise the colour of pigments used to match your brows for maximum natural appeal.

Feather stroked brows can last from 6-24 months, this will vary based on a number of factors unique to each client for example: skin type, any medications that are being taken and clients lifestyle i.e. if they have high sun exposure everyday; this can cause fading quicker than otherwise expected.

An initial consultation will be conducted to analyse your brows and understand any specific shape, style and any questions you may have. Consultation is also required to determine whether the treatment is actually suitable to be conducted on the client and this will depend on things like whether they are: pregnant or breastfeeding, any health issues and if they have a previous tattoo on the area.

In the second appointment we will microblade your brows. This will take no longer than two hours. Your eyebrows may be red and tender for up to 24 hours after the treatment, this is very normal. You will be provided with aftercare instructions to follow until your touch up which is usually 4-6wks after the initial treatment, at which point your brows would have healed.

Touch up - in this appointment we will make any adjustments if you wish and fill in any areas that may have lost pigment during the healing process.


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